Fertility Rx

Fertility Rx delivered overnight
with concierge guidance

Stork Club Rx offers fertility medications delivered door-to-door overnight,
while reducing the employer fertility Rx costs by up to 70%

All necessary meds
shipped to any state

We partner with the leading fertility pharmacies to dispence and ship the best-in-class fertility medications nationwide

The Stork Club Rx box includes medications, a compact temperature monitor to ensure they arrive safely, sharps containers, and printed instructions.

Stork Club Rx gives your people
a white glove experience

(while saving employers up to 70% of the cost vs. PBM )

check No more searching for the lowest price

Stork Club will automatically fulfill prescriptions prescribed by fertility providers without your people having to waste time searching multiple pharmacies for the best deal.

check Full concierge guidance

You and your people will be impressed, we promise. Stork Club Rx box shows up at the patient's door without them making any effort. Our Care Navigators will make sure that the package was delivered without delays and to the right address. Our pharmacists will guide the patient on how to use the meds over unlimited video calls or via text messaging available 24/7.

What about refills or protocol change? We’ll process all script updates the same day so the patient simply receives a new Stork Club Rx box to their door in the next 24 hours.

check All necessary meds with compounding

It’s common, that many essential fertility meds are not covered by traditional vendors. Some of them can cost thousands of dollars exposing your people to additional financial stress. Stork Club Rx covers the full spectrum of fertility medications and compounding. Save time and money for your people.

Stork Club Rx for your company

Stork Club is your strategic partner in providing a full suite of modern fertility benefits to drive better outcomes while reducing employer healthcare costs.

check Up to 70% in savings on fertility Rx

Specialty drugs are often overpriced and account for the largest part of your healthcare expenses. With Stork Club Rx, you are not only providing outstanding patient experience but also save up to 70% on fertility Rx vs. traditional specialty drugs vendors (PBM).

For example, a company with only 1,700 employees can save $150K-$200K per year.

check Plan cost-sharing rules apply

You can offer a flexible coverage amount for fertility Rx as a part of the Stork Club Fertility program. Stork Club Rx will become a part of your group medical plan and the same cost-sharing rules will apply. Stork Club will coordinate all the payments with your plan, while your HR team will receive quarterly reports and full control over the fertility care costs.

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