Parental program

Help your people be great parents
while working full time

Our parental program is designed to reduce your maternity medical spend and help your employees balance parentship and career

Stork Club provides comprehensive maternity and parental support

child_friendly Parental program

  • Maternity

  • Pregnancy guidance

  • High-risk pregnancies

  • C-section prevention

  • Childbirth coordination

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Leave coordination

  • Working Parent

  • Newborn care

  • Postpartum recovery

  • Return to work

  • Milk shipping

  • Backup care

  • Pediatric support

Including navigation and support

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    Care Navigator

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    Same day telehealth visits

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    Personal guidance

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    Private community

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    Expedited appointments
    at in-network clinics

Why offer a parental program?

Attracting and retaining your employees at work

More than three quarters of expecting mothers say that they’re excited to get back to work after giving birth, yet

50% of mothers switch to a lower-paying job

43% end up leaving
their careers entirely

Millennials want a family-friendly workplace and choose to work at companies that actively help them balance their career with maternity and parenthood

Stork Club Parental delivers

Stork Club is your strategic partner in providing a full suite of modern parental benefits to attract and retain talent while lowering maternity and birth-related medical spend

Reducing medical spend

Legacy health care programs recommend just a single postpartum doctor’s visit and perhaps a few quick, impersonal phone calls with a nurse. The lack of modern prenatal education and poor access to postpartum care drives preterm births, c-sections, mother-mortality, and postpartum complications: all factors that substantially increase your self-insured medical spend.

What Is IVF and How Safe Is It?
Infertility treatments

By providing guidance and simple telemedicine access to experts, we help you identify and address high-risk pregnancies. By helping your employees maintain healthy pregnancies, we allow them to return to work earlier while lowering pregnancy-related medical spend.

Fertility expert
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Preventing and solving
potential problems

Your current maternity program is inconvenient for your employees while failing to prevent severe, high-cost medical issues. In-office visits are short and appointment wait times are long.

In many cases, a quick video call is all that’s needed to identify and address a potentially severe issue, saving time and money versus an in-office visit. Enhancing your maternity care with Stork Club Parental gives your employees access to vetted experts whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.

40+% of millennials say that telemedicine is extremely or very important for them.

Reducing medical spend

If you’ve already invested in some maternity or parental benefits, your utilization may be low because there are too many apps and phone numbers for your employees to keep track of.

Stork Club Parental integrates all of your existing family-related programs, providing personalized information and access for each employee. At the same time, less vendor and program management means your HR and Benefits teams save time and money.

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    Fertility coverage
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    Healthy pregnancy program
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    Engagement hub
  • Childbirth coverage
    Your healthcare plan
  • Breastfeeding program
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  • Backup care
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